"Growing in Cuteness and Love"

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our visit to a primary school

Today we went to a Primary school but it  was not as  busy as the other one.   When we got to the school we saw kids going out onto their play area but they were  not going to play, they were going to exercise!  The kids in Grades 1 to 6 stood with their classes row by row.  They did all different exercises to music.  After they exercised they played outside for 10 minutes and they played with people that were in all different grades.  Their school starts at 8:10  and ends at 4:30.  After we went into a grade 1 classroom to see what they were doing.  They were writing in Chinese.  After that we went to a grade 5 classroom and they were learning English.  Then we went to a grade 6 classroom and I introduced myself and I saw their English book then we said bye.  I guess that school wasn't too bad after all because they did not crowd and run after us.  In some ways the school is different and in some ways it's the same as our school.


  1. Hi Carter,
    Your trip to China looks amazing. My Mum thinks your new little sister is really cute and she really likes her name. Have a good trip back with your family and see you at Pineland! From Tessa

  2. Hi Carter

    How's China? How do you like your new sister? I think that she is real cute and I can't wait to meet her.Have a safe flight home and I can`t wait to see you all.My mom thinks Anya is so adorable.See you back at Pineland.
    Your Friend Brandon