"Growing in Cuteness and Love"

Saturday, March 14, 2009

An exciting day in Chengdu by Bailey

   Today we went to a panda reserve where we saw pandas really close and I got to hold one.   Also we saw red pandas which are like red raccoons.  First we saw a panda that was a bit older and then we saw some cute baby pandas that were about 6 months old.   Pandas love to eat apples just like we love ice cream or chocolate......or for some sugar.    We also saw a movie that was in English (surprise) and we learned some interesting facts like that the oldest living panda in that reserve lived to 21 years old and its daughter has already had 12 babies and they all survived (they usually don't survive 60% of the time).   Did you know that 45% of the time pandas give birth to twins?   I think the most spectacular thing was when we (me and my brother) held a baby panda.  The panda's name was Mao Mao.  Before lunch we fed fish in a lake and they got so close to the shore they almost got stuck!!!!!!!!!!!  The fish food was only 2 yuan each package.   Later we went to lunch at the reserve.  Then we went to some shops across the street and bought panda t-shirts.    It was an awesome day in Chengdu.


  1. hi from hannah bing
    i love panda bears
    hi to kayla
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    Hi everyone, we have been watching your journey and Hannah insisted on sending her message this morning. See above. Sounds like you are having an amazing trip and it is definitely bringing back memories.
    Looking forward to reconnecting when you are back
    Mary Lynn and Peter and Hannah

  2. It must have been amazing to hold the pandas! Those are great pictures of you with the panda. Keep the interesting facts coming.