"Growing in Cuteness and Love"

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Now that is tasty!

After a long and adventurous day we found a Papa John's pizza restaurant (what are the chances of that?).  We were so excited to dig into something greasy that did not contain rice or pasta.  Addy even licked the platter clean!  We took the left overs back with us and all 4 kids had a picnic with real food in our hotel room...and cleaned out all of the left overs.  


  1. Message from Amber:

    We hope you guys are on a good trip. (that's all she wants to say)

    Message from Kelly:

    Glad no one was hurt in the truck explosion. I bet Anya will look cute when you get her. Hope she's not too scared. How are the others doing?

    Message from Barbara:

    Love the pictures from Chenzhou. It looks like they are one to a crib - at Kelly's, they were two to a crib. The babies look so beautiful. What an adventure with the car. I can see how Addy would have been scared - I would have been too!!

    Message from all of us (dictated by Kelly):

    Looking forward to seeing you soon. We hope that no one is sick.

    Good bye....

    Love Kelly, Amber, Barbara, and Chris

  2. WOW! Hadn't checked your blog in a few days and so much has happened! What an amazing experience for you kids! I mean, we LIVE here and my kids have never got to travel like that...even holding pandas! Nadia just said, "I've never even seen a live panda!" Boy, am I a deadbeat dad or what!! Well, I loved the stuck in traffic story... I felt like, "Welcome to MY world..." But I'm really glad you're having so many interesting things to see and do! Jeff