"Growing in Cuteness and Love"

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Carter's version of the big explosion

Today we had a big explosion on the track.  Well we were having a good time playing on the DS,s.  Until a truck came beside us and put on his brakes then something fell off of his truck and hit our window and shattered.  Then the window steaming and cracking but luckily we had a safety glass window.  After the truck pulled over to see what had happened his tire was steaming. Then we got back on road and started to drive back.  When we were half way back we came upon a bump.  Ahhhh!  Our van went over a bump and one of the glass windows fell off and onto the road.  Then we pulled over to use my Croc to hit all of the glass out so that no one could get hurt.  After we got back on the road and started to drive back to the hotel in Changsha.  My Dad came up with a genius idea.  The idea was to pull over and push out the glass on the other window so that no one could get hurt.  Now we are back on the road going back to the hotel without any glass falling anywhere and the windows were bare so that we could have a nice refreshing ride back.  Then we made it to the toll and noticed that we had a flat tire.  Oh No!!!  So the driver pulled over and luckily he had a spare tire and jack.  He put on the spare tire and then we drove back nice and safe.  We made it to the hotel in Changsha and got our luggage into the hotel. Our driver dropped us off and now has to repair the broken windows at a repair shop.  That is the end of Carter's version of the big explosion!!!
        From Carter.              THE END    

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  1. Glad you are all safe. Take care, we are following your journey with anticipation and prayers.

    The Gresham Family