"Growing in Cuteness and Love"

Monday, March 9, 2009

Finally logged on!!!

No news from us yet as the internet access has been sparse. We are in a coffee shop on our last morning here in Hong Kong. We leave to take a train to Guangzhou this morning where we spend the day and then fly to Guilin tonight. Where do we start? Carter is now healthy (long story) and we are finally getting over the jetleg (although Kayla was up at 3:3o this morning). The theme for Hong Kong seems to be transportation. In our short 3 days we have been on a plane, tram, cable car, taxi, fishing boat, and then a train coming today. We were on a boat yesterday night ready for a cruise and decided to get off just before it pulled away as the kids were done, Kayla had a stomach ache (and there was no washroom), Carter wanted to curl up and go to sleep, and the boat was rocking. It ended up being a smart idea. Hong Kong is not at all like the other parts of China we have been to. It is a mix of Canada and England with a bit of China. On the first day we went to Ocean Park and saw pandas and may sea creatures. Carter announced that it was the best day of his life when we saw the aquarium of many different kinds of fish. We went on a cable car over the mountains which was cool. Yesterday we went to Victoria peak, a fishing village, and Stanley Market. We ate in a back alley noodle shop and we are all still healthy today. This morning Kayla announced that her favourite part was seeing the talking garbage cans at Ocean Park. Addy loved seeing the dolphins and Bailey is all about the food...namely the restaurant in the alley way. Hope this will send and we will try to connect from our next hotel. Hi to all. Lisa


  1. Wow! You are trying out every known mode of transportation for man! Hahaha! What an adventure! I had to laugh at Kayla's favourite part - the talking garbage cans. Sophie loved the garbage cans at Disney World because bubbles were blowing out of them first thing in the morning. Sounds like you're all enjoying yourselves. I can't wait to read more!


  2. Greetings from Punta Cana,

    Just wanted to say hi, and checking in to make sure you made it okay. Sounds like quite an adventure so far...See you when you're back.

    Barbara, Kelly, and Amber

  3. Dear Lisa & Family,
    Lisa, how on earth are you EVER going to get caught up with scrapbooks now?!? Trams, Boats, Planes, Trains and all those places visited and you haven't even made it through your first week!
    Sounds like the trip is being enjoyed, experienced and loved by all. Keep the updates coming so we can all live vicariously and get homesick for China.....
    Love Miranda

  4. Hey guys...what an adventure. We are so glad to hear from you as we think of you all a hundred times a day. Every morning when the kids wake up they ask "What time is it in China now?"! Live every moment of this amazing time...we can't wait to hear more. By the way Scott, I've had the car painted a forgiving plaid in order to honour my heritage!! love The Gillons