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Monday, March 23, 2009

The Eighth Wonder of the World and a Dumpling lunch By:Bailey

  Today we left for lunch at 11:00, but this was no ordinary lunch.  We were going to see how dumplings are made.  Then we got to try 23 different kinds.   Some of the kinds to my liking were duck, fish, pork and bean and ham with pork.  At the beginning of lunch they gave us one tray with four dumplings of one kind, then when we finished it they gave us another tray with a new type of dumpling.  So it was like finish the tray to unlock the next level (or the next tray of a different kind of dumpling).   Another thing that was unique about the dumplings was that they were all in different shapes such as leaves, rabbits, goldfish, ducks, flowers and hedgehogs.  My brother was very daring and he tried all of the dumplings except one (with peanut and pork).   This was not like him at all and because he liked the dumplings so much we called him "Carter the Dumpling Dude".  Some more kinds were pork, fish, mushroom and vegetable, mushroom and pork, duck, baked bean, peanut, pea and pork, pork and vegetable, miniature dumplings, in a soup, ham and leak and fried vegetable.                       
  Later we took the hour drive to the spectacular Terra-cotta warriors and after several pee breaks we finally arrived.  It was a long walk to the first pit.  There are three pits that all contain warriors (the first one was the most excavated and the biggest, the second was barely dug out because they are waiting for greater technologies to preserve them and the third is the smallest with only 68 warriors).  It took over 700,00 workers to build it back over 2000 years go.  The terra-cotta warriors were discovered on March 29 1974 by a local farmer when he was digging a well.  He hit something hard and then dug it up.  He noticed that it was a head of a clay solider and then they dug it all up.  Today we met the farmer who discovered this so called 'eighth wonder of the world' and he signed a book that we bought.  He is 80 years old and you were not allowed to take his photo so everyone will buy his book.  It was sooooooo interesting.
Then on the way back to our hotel tonight it took a long time because we got stopped by a train.  Our driver turned around and went a different way because it takes about 45 minutes for the train to cross.  They can't tell exactly when the train will come so they stop the traffic about 15 minutes before the actual time.  Then it takes about 30 minutes for the train to pass.  

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