"Growing in Cuteness and Love"

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Huge Blast!!!!!(the true story by Bailey)

I was  playing guitar hero on D.S. with my headphones in and in the middle of a song I heard a huge bang like a gun and I thought the amp had snapped in my game.   But then something hit me in the shoulder(that was true and it still hurts) so I looked and noticed that a piece of glass had hit me in the arm.  There wasn't any mark though but it still hurts (my Mom made me add that)    There was glass everywhere and when I looked up both windows were smashed but still hanging because it was safety glass.   Then I looked back and saw a truck that was smoking.   It pulled over and the driver got out and ran.   We kept on driving and we examined it.   We saw that there were blue pieces of things that looked like shrapnel in the windows.   Suddenly the back window fell out and a truck ran it over.  It was an intense day!!!!!!

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