"Growing in Cuteness and Love"

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Baby room

We were then taken up to the 5th floor where the babies and young children live.  We were taken to a room with 18 cribs and all but 3 or 4 babies sleeping.  Two babies were sitting in their wooden chairs holding onto the same toy.  Many were in a deep sleep and some still had their bottles propped up from their feeding.  One little one with cleft lip was struggling to get their milk down with the bottle so the nanny was helping to drip it in.  They were fine with us taking pictures so I started clicking them of all of the beautiful babies.  Bailey was videotaping around the room.  Nannies started coming in as some of the children awoke to pick them up.  The doctor who had come in at that point pointed out two babies that were going to American families (one next week and another next month) so I took photos of them to post on the Chenzhou blog.  We were able to find a little baby girl and take pictures of her for another family in the US as well as to find the nanny who looked after our friend's baby who they adopted in December.  The nanny was so delighted to get photos and an update on how well she was doing as she was obviously very attached to her.  
Kayla wandered around checking out the babies trying to take in what she could of the fact that this is where and how she lived for her first 10 month.  Two of the nannies came and told me that they looked after her when she was there and we took pictures of them with her.  She was amazing in that she willingly let the nannies hold her and pick her up.  We talked about that they might want to but she surprised me with how comfortable she actually was with the whole situation.  We were not allowed in any other rooms (except the play room which had some toys but no children) or to see any other children, although when we went outside a few of the older children who live in the orphanage were hanging out outside so we got a couple of pictures of them with our children.  


  1. I would find it so hard to leave those beautiful babies there in their cribs. I would want to take them all home. It's so nice to think that the families of some of those babies will receive your pictures of their little ones. Also nice to know that Kayla took everything in so well. Your pictures will be such precious memories for her in the future.


  2. Hello from Hannah Bing, you are providing us with such wonderful information. Thank you for all of this. We are following your journey and can't wait to meet Anya.

    Mary Lynn, Peter and Hannah