"Growing in Cuteness and Love"

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Message from Bailey

Hi everyone,
     Five days until we leave!!!!!!  It's so exciting.  With so much to pack and so much to do to get ready for our big trip, our house almost never rests.  I'm so nervous.  My mom and dad have a gazillion suitcases lying around the house and stuff my Mom and Nana have bought for the orphanages everywhere.   Actually my mom is sitting here eating a box of TURTLES wondering what to pack next.   I am looking forward to seeing the Terra-Cotta warriors because last time I was not able to see them and was hoping that one day I could return to China and see them.  I can't wait to climb the Great Wall again, eat some delicious Chinese food and see some amazing animals such as Pandas.   But most of all I can't wait to see my new sister Anya.   Some of Anya's favourite foods are cheese, pancakes and noodles.   She likes playing outside on her tricycle.   She also likes going for walks, playing on swings and with dolls.   Anya's foster family is amazing!!!!!!!  I love my sister Anya!


  1. Eating turtles and looking at a gazillion suitcases? Hmmmmm! Sounds like what I need to do before my trips - eat turtles!!!!
    I'm jealous of seeing the Terra Cotta warriors. That's on my "bucket list" for some day.

    Safe travels and know that the prayers of many are with you. I shared the blog with two families in my church who have recently adopted daughters from China.

    God Speed!

    Wanda Smith - Indiana

  2. Say hello to Victoria Peak for me when you are in Hong Kong...try to ride the Peak Tram to take in one of the most incredible views in the world! I read there's a HK Disneyland now! I'm sure the city has changed since we lived there but excitement will always fill those streets! You are a special family that's preparing for an incredible addition. Happy journey on the road that leads to Sweet Anya :) Paola Randall