"Growing in Cuteness and Love"

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Day Has Finally Arrived

Hard to believe that Anya is with us today and is now part of our family.  The last few days can only be described as miraculous.  We have had many people praying that our transition in bringing Anya into our family would be smooth and secure and that it was.  We officially received Anya this morning a little differently than expected.  We were on our way down to the lobby to meet our guide who was bringing us over to the Henan Civil Affairs Office.  My Mom went down first and bumped into our guide who had actually bumped into Anya, Jaime (a close friend of the foster family) and Sara (an amazing lady who works for Philip Hayden) who were standing with the staff from Anya's original orphanage who were there to do the handover.  Our guide realized that they had been staying at the same hotel we were at so our family came down the elevator and there they were.  Jaime was holding Anya and she checked us out as the staff did the introductions.  The director asked Jaime to give Anya to her Mama and before I knew it Anya was in my arms.  We spent a few minutes there, took a couple of pictures (I barely had the camera ready as I wasn't prepared for a hotel lobby meeting) and then said goodbye to Jaime and Sarah who were on their way back to Beijing that afternoon.  Anya made an amazing adjustment as she pointed and checked everyone out.  She was quiet and calm but obviously very confused.  Then we rode over to the government building to do some paperwork.  At the office there was a great deal of commotion when we walked in as 3 other families were waiting for their children who they were about to adopt.  It was a little bit of a whirlwind with Anya in my arms, the kids wanting to check her out and visit with her, babies meeting their families for the first time and the staff asking us to sign paper after paper (and it was a very small room).  Anya was a little concerned (and so were we) as one of the children who was meeting her family was 6 years old and it was both very traumatic and difficult as she did not want to leave her nannies.  I think the hardest time for me was when the lady next to me who was waiting for her new son to arrive turned and said, "I also have hemi-facial microtia like your daughter and want you to know that it will be okay."  I was lost for words but did ask her if she can see that she has it just from looking at her and she said yes.  Anya will go through some tough times ahead as she not only has cleft lip and palate (most of which has been repaired) but she also has a facial deformity which will require ongoing treatments as she grows.  At that point I was so saddened to think about what lays ahead for her but am so happy that we will always be there with her every step of the way.  As my friend told me back at the beginning of our journey when we were questioning various special needs, "God won't give you more than you can handle."  And this is what we can handle.  We returned back to our hotel once the paperwork was done and things continued to be a little chaotic as we ventured out for lunch and to find a different hotel as we had nothing but problems from the time we arrived in the one that was booked for us.  Not what you want to be dealing with when your little girl is joining you for the first time.

Today has been one with many emotions.  We are so thrilled that Anya is finally with us and the kids have been vying for her attention continuously.  She seems pretty good with that which is lucky although when she doesn't like something she will come to me and ask to come up for a minute or call Mama which is a good start.  It is so obvious that her foster family spent a great deal of time preparing her for this transition into our family.  She knows that I am her Mama and about her brothers and sisters which is amazing.  Earlier in the evening she hopped onto Daddy's lap to see what he was doing and they played together and laughed.  On the other hand everyone (including Mom and Dad) have had their emotional ups and downs.  It is already apparent how life will change for each one of us (I have to start remembering how to pack a bag for a baby...with a bib in case we end up eating).  This evening after going out to dinner we came back to the hotel and discovered that Anya likes to run around in her diaper.  She and the kids went up and down the halls and every so often Anya would stop and do a great little dance...wiggling her hips around.  Wouldn't I love to know where she learned that one from.  She will be our entertainer for sure.  Many fun times to look forward to!!  Anya had her milk and fell into a deep sleep...exhausted from the day's events.  All of the kids are tucked in, relieved and happy that little Anya who had been in our hearts for a long time is finally here in our family.  Tomorrow we do some more paperwork in the morning and then visit the orphanage where Anya lived for her first 3 months and to meet some amazing ladies (American and Australian) who are serving in China and taking care of those babies that live there.  The last of our donations will be delivered and now with many empty suitcases we will have to do some shopping to fill them up again.  Thank you to all of those who have been thinking and praying for us and for Anya and her foster family.  We can't wait to bring our daughter home to Canada and for her to meet you all.  


  1. We are thrilled to hear that the day has finally arrived. We will pray for a wonderful time of discovery and love as you get to know each other. We will also be praying for a safe trip home to Canada. WSQ will be waiting to celebrate and thank God for bringing you and Anya together

    Jean & Paul Gresham & family

  2. Hello! Congratulations, the day has finally come. We are very happy for all of you, Mom, dad, Grandma, big brothers and sisters! Welcome Anya!!!!! :-D

    Thank-you so much for this blog, it is great. I've been stopping by daily for my China "fix". Lisa we were saying that you need to host a seminar on your journey using all of your photos, they are really good.

    All the best....

    Lorna, Paul & Rae-Lynn

  3. Congratulations!! We are so excited to meet little Anya!


  4. So happy for you all. Can't wait to meet her. Look forward to seeing you guys back home again.

  5. Congratulations on Family Day with Anya joining your family. Wishing you a safe journey home.


    Elaine, Bob, Sally and Madison

  6. Congratulations! I read your post with tears in my eyes. Anya could not ask for a better Forever Family! Wishing you joy and happiness for the remainder of your China trip. Safe travels home.

    Susan, Reg and Sara

  7. Congratulations everyone! We are so excited for you all with this new beginning for Anya. Kari is excited for Addison to come home - she can hardly believe that you have reached your goal and will be home soon.

    Sarah, Kari, Nathan & Phil

  8. Congratulations on your Forever Day FINALLY being a reality!
    We read about the day crying tears of joy. As I look at the pictures of you all together, it is so apparent that this family is now complete. Anya was always meant to be part of it. We can't wait to meet her and embrace her into her larger extended family of friends and loved ones here in Canada.
    Our hearts also go out to her foster family, birth family and caregivers in China - who are I'm sure very proud and happy for her - but also let her go with bitter-sweetness in their hearts - as the little 'dancing diaper girl' will be surely missed....
    Love you all,
    Miranda, Anthony, Hillary & Naomi

  9. In fact that you were in the same flight and in the same hotel.I saw her in the airport when i picked you up,but i did not know her at that time.Is it a kind of predestination?---Eva Yang(Guide)