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Monday, March 16, 2009

The Walmart experience

Wanted to let our travel group know that we went to Walmart today.  It was a very different experience than 4 years ago.  Much of Changsha has changed...it is cleaner, busier (our guide was saying the population has grown significantly), and there appears to be less poverty.  We did see a lady walking with her cages of bunnies, birds and turtles today and the girls kept commenting how cute they were so she followed us down the street thinking she had a sale.  So Walmart was very clean (looks like the healthy department has cleaned things up) and although they had the fish section, the pool with the fish that you could scoop into your cart was gone.  And the smell that would put you over the edge (especially in the egg section) is also gone.  Bailey went snap happy so will post a few of his favourites.  You can click on the photos for some really good detail of today's specials. 

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