"Growing in Cuteness and Love"

Sunday, March 29, 2009

One more sleep!!!

Today we traveled by plane to Zhengzhou in Henan province.  We are very excited about receiving Anya into our family tomorrow morning.  It was a busy day and everyone is tucked soundly into bed.  We will post tomorrow once we have Anya in our arms.  


  1. Hi Scott, Lisa, and everyone

    Tomorrow's the big day....Kelly and Amber are asking me when you get Anya on a daily basis, so they will be very excited tomorrow (I guess today for you!!!).

    How exciting.....it's finally happening....prayers and blessings coming your way....

    And happy family day to Kayla...


  2. Thinking about you today - what an exciting day it is!! Praying for a wonderful transition and family moments for all of you!


  3. Happy Family Day and all the best for tomorrow.
    Hannah Bing sends a big hello. We look forward to hearing all about the big day with Anya.

    Mary Lynn