"Growing in Cuteness and Love"

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Visiting Philip Hayden

We are here at this amazing place where babies and children who are hoping and waiting for their families are cared for and loved.  It is hard to even put into words how humbling and emotional it is to think about how these dedicated people from the United States are so committed to the lives of children and God's work that they made a home for so many of China's orphans.  Our little Anya spent some of her first year of life in the loving hands of Shepherd's Field.  There are amazing things happening here...too amazing to put into words.  I will send some pictures of the beautiful children.  Nana (Mom) arrives tonight and the kids are so excited!  We will keep you posted but e-mail is touch and go.  Four more days until Anya is in our arms forever!!

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  1. Lisa, I know your mom was so excited to go. I'm sure an extra set of hands will be helpful with Anya coming soon. We'll be praying for smooth transitions for all of you as your family expands and changes yet again. Can't wait to see you all again. Keegan couldn't believe the dumplings that Carter ate, he was saying "yuk" to the different types. My kids loved the Panda pictures, and amazed to see the size of them. All the best on the rest of your trip.