"Growing in Cuteness and Love"

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bailey in China

Hi everyone, 
My teachers, friends, family.   China is amazing!!!   Our guide taught us so many interesting facts.  Did you know that in Guangzhou it is illegal to ride a motorcycle in the city because there is so much traffic.  Also in Guilin it's illegal to have a gun and if you have a hunting gun it is an automatic 1 year in jail.   But if you have an army gun it's an automatic 5 years in jail so it's kind of like do not pass GO do not collect $200.   In the mountains in Guilin there are so many poisonous snakes and monkeys that farmers carry vaccines on them in case they get bitten.  My plan is to buy a T-shirt for everywhere me and my family visit.  So far I have bought an I heart Hong Kong shirt and a Guilin shirt with all the fascinating hills and mountains.  Pour Mme. Dawson: Je suis tres désolé parce que a la aeroporte les personnes on confisqué le experiment que tu as me donné parce qu'ils ont pensé que c'est des BOMBS(Ha Ha Ha)just kidding(we decided not to bring it because they might think it was a bomb or something so I will do it when I get home).    I am working very hard on my HMWK.   Tonight we are taking another flight to Chengdu(where the pandas are).     Bye I'm going swimming now!!!!


  1. Hi Bailey

    Sounds like you're learning a lot on this trip! I like the T-shirt idea. Keep collecting them!

    Laurie, Jamie & Sophie

  2. Hey Bailey;
    Sounds like things have been very crazy, adventures, and amazing all at the same time.
    Addy, Kayla
    Looks like the two of you are having the time of your lives.
    Looks like your having a great time, soak it all up. Ps. since you don't need your hockey stick for awhile, I’m borrowing it.
    As always some amazing pictures and great info for us to follow. Keep it coming
    Where are you, are you even there? Can’t believe you did try the snake wine. Ha, Ha

    MJ & MM