"Growing in Cuteness and Love"

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Good bye and lunch with 3 staff members

We took some photos of the kids outside who live at the orphanage and go to school there as well.  The staff (assistant director, doctor, and administrative assistant) took us to Kayla's finding spot and then to lunch at a local restaurant.  I would have loved to have known Mandarin as there were many conversations that we missed completely or only got a small translation of.  The staff wanted the left over food packed up to bring back to the orphanage.  As we were ready to leave the restaurant the staff gave Kayla a beautiful gift of a commemorative silver coin with a picture of the new orphanage on it and the date of its opening.  They also gave her an embroidered scarf which she was excited about and we all said goodbye and thank you.  They told us to tell other families to come back and visit and that we are always welcome.  


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