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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Orphange visit, new building

Today was both an overwhelming yet amazing day.  We drove to the orphanage and actually went in the old gates which they are no longer using because they moved into the new building in December.  The assistant director came out and told our guide that we should have come in the other way because they are now in the newer building.  It was good though because we got to take a couple of pictures of the building where Kayla had lived (white building).  I have seen many pictures on the Chenzhou site but couldn't really put it together until today.  The whole area and buildings are much smaller than I thought they would be from pictures I have seen.  We were then taken around to the newer building and brought in the front door. You can see the new orphanage building in behind one of the older buildings.   The new location is beautiful, really big and very clean and they reported that the older building is now empty and they are not using it for anything.  They are still in the process of putting finishing touches on some parts.  Once we got around to the new building the assistant director came out with Kayla's orphanage file which had her picture on the front.  We were then taken to the new board room where they helped us bring our donations to and then set them up for a picture.  We then sat down and they gave us an opportunity to go through Kayla's orphanage file.  We gave the assistant director the photos and letters from some of their Chenzhou kids which brought smiles to their faces.  We were told that in 2005 there were 217 babies adopted into their families...the most of any year.  At the present time they have 80 children in the orphanage (including about 20 school aged children who will grow up at the orphanage).  She also told us that most orphanages have few children considered 'healthy' but that Chenzhou has a large number.  We asked if all of the babies in the orphanage will find homes and she said she thinks yes.  She also told us that in the surrounding counties where it is much poorer that if a family is poor and they go over the number of children they are allowed to have that they can pay a smaller fine of 5000 Yuan and get a certificate for them (which will register them and then they can go to school).  This is a small fine (which only applies to the counties) and the staff think that more people are able to pay this fine and thus it is resulting in less babies in Chenzhou.  Sounds like there are a few contributing factors.  

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  1. Hi, this is Eva.I am so excited for you.You are so great! It is my honoured to be your guide.