"Growing in Cuteness and Love"

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bye from Xian and onto our adoption journey

Tonight we leave Xian and take a 12 hour overnight train to Beijing.  This should be an interesting experience.  We have soft bed (which I think means a bunk bed style with a mattress so hope to get some sleep).  We have had to repack all of our luggage because for a train the liquids and gels have to go in the carry on and not the luggage you have checked.  That was a feat in itself!  We are really excited about arriving at Philip Hayden to love those babies and do whatever else we can.  Anya lived at Philip Hayden for the first few months of her life before she was fostered by a family (where she is now).  We will be staying there until Sunday morning when we will be flying out to Henan Province (which is Anya's birthday province) and we will receive her there on the Monday.  At some point she will be returned to this province.  We are so excited and but worried for her as she will have a tough transition from her family that she knows and loves.  Not sure how the internet access will be at Philip Hayden but will touch base soon.  Six more days until little Anya joins our family.  Thanks to all those who are keeping us in your prayers as they are felt as we safely journey through China and to our new member of our family.  Lisa and family 


  1. We are avidly following your journey still and loving the blogs. Saw your mom on Sunday Lisa and I got her some vacuum pack bags as well. As she started packing, she realized she needed them too! Looks like another set of overweight luggage! Can't wait to see the first pics of all of you together as a complete family with Anya...
    Love miranda

  2. Hi Lisa and the whole family,

    I am so glad for you guys that you enjoy your trip so much! What an experience! Nice pictures! I can not wait to see the picture of the whole family including Anya and your mom! Love, Jun