"Growing in Cuteness and Love"

Friday, April 10, 2009

Goodbye China and all of our new friends.

Reflections of China by: Bailey

   It's really hard to think that we have been in China for 35 days.   Some of the things that stuck out the most were when we received our sister (for the first time).  I was so exited and nervous at the same time.   Also a favourite was seeing the thousands of Terra-cotta Warriors.   Another was zooming down the slide at the great wall from the top of the mountain.  I nearly peed my pants it was so fast.   An event amazing for all of us was visiting Kayla's Orphanage and seeing where she lived for the first 10 months of her life.   Another amazing experience was when I had the opportunity to hold a baby panda in Chengdu.    The kids at PHF are precious and I loved playing with them.    I also loved meeting and playing with my friends the Baker boys(Phil,Zack and Nate).     I loved meeting auntie Dawn and the amazing Tim and Pam Baker and the wonderful staff.   I really hope I can visit them again soon and the kids will always be in my heart and in my prayers.   China has been amazing even though there are some disadvantages such as the spitting and smoking and the pollution (the air does not smell nice).    Some advantages are that you can bargain and get an Abercrombie T-shirt for 8$ Canadian.   We are so used to the ways in China that Addy will pick a squatty potty over a regular toilet even though she stepped in it the first few times and peed all over herself.  Almost time to leave.    See you all soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

At the Temple

The goings on in the Temple of Heaven

Today we walked around the grounds of the Temple of Heaven.  It is a busy place with people of all ages walking, dancing (notice Nana giving it her best shot dancing in the park), playing racquet games, doing tai chai, and even singing.  

The stray puppies

The kids wanted me to post this picture of the puppies that arrived just prior to our visit.  They were left in a box outside of the gates of Philip Hayden with a note saying that they needed a mother.  Although the staff was hoping not to bring them in as there are a few stray animals already living at PH, they did make their way in and found the cozy dog house on a cold night.  We found this photo of the puppies which leads us to believe that they found their way into the home that will care for and love anyone in need.  

Easter hunt back at Philip Hayden

I wanted to post some photos of the Easter hunt that the children had back at Philip Hayden where we stayed at 2 weeks ago.  Although we are on our way home tomorrow, those precious children remain in the hearts of all of us in our family.  Three of the little ones are waiting for their families who will travel to get them before the summer.  Many more are waiting and hoping for the same...and in the meantime are living in this loving and beautiful home...Philip Hayden.  Our little Anya did not officially live at Philip Hayden, although that is where she was registered.  She was fortunate to have lived with a family who fostered her for close to 2 years and made her one of their own.  It is so apparent how loved and cared for she was as her transition to our family so far has been unbelievably smooth.  Although we can say thank you to that family, there really is no way to ever show enough appreciation to someone who cared for and loved your daughter as they did. 


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Constant entertainment

Giggly Girls!!

Our final days

Today we finished off some shopping and tomorrow we spend our last full day in China...visiting the Temple of Heaven.  Hard to believe we will soon be home with our little girl.  The flowers in the pictures of the girls were from a beautiful arrangement that the hotel sent to Scott because he went down and complained about some construction that was going on over his head in the night.  So we took it apart today and took some photos.  I think my kids would be happy if they never see my camera again. 


Back at Philip Hayden the kids are preparing for Easter

Back at Philip Hayden (about an hour from where we are here) the kids decorated about 500 eggs and tomorrow will have their annual Easter hunt.  I wanted to send these pictures of such precious children that we were blessed to get to know and spend a few days with.  Philip Hayden is such a wonderful place and Tim and Pam Baker have committed their lives to these children...to giving them a life outside of an orphanage.  This home and the people that work and volunteer here are truly amazing as are the children who are truly miracles.  Here are some pics.