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Saturday, April 4, 2009

What a day!

Well, today was one of those days that we just wanted to pack it all in and get home quickly.  Kayla was up with a fever in the night (2nd night) and Addy was quite out of sorts with not feeling well.  Of course it was a day of packing up and moving on as we had our last flight to Beijing this afternoon.  Once we got to our hotel which is awesome (we can definitely handle being here for the next week) around dinner time the girls seemed to be feeling better (tonight will be the real test), got some McDonalds into us and the excitement of all there is to do this week set in.  After all that, Addy announced that she doesn't want to go home but wants to stay in China.  Bailey is continuously on us about wanting to move here.  Anya just seems to have it figured out about staying in hotels and confidently gets into her bed and loves to run from room to room like she owns the place.  Once we see how the kids are feeling tomorrow we are off to do some serious shopping (we have to fill some of these suitcases).  We are meeting our friend Dawn from Philip Hayden who we met when we stayed there to shop at the Dirt Market.  This week we hope to go to the Great Wall, for a Hutong Tour (rickshaws that pull us through the old streets and then visit a local home and school).  The kids are done with the school thing but that is one of my highlights.  Scott things we should go to construction sites instead.  It appears that we are always at a construction site here in China.  We also hope to visit the Temple of Heaven which we did not see the first time we were in China.  In between all of that we will be doing Anya's medical, visiting the Embassy and filling out a bunch of documents for the last leg of paperwork before we can bring her home.  Not many photos clicked today as it wasn't a photo kind of day.   

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