"Growing in Cuteness and Love"

Monday, April 6, 2009

One of China's Famous Landmarks

Don't ask who the guy is in the picture below.  People take pictures of us every day and take pictures of us when we take our own pictures.  They also usually ask if they can be in a picture with us of which we usually say 'No thank you'.  We are like some spectacle (although not as much in Beijing as there are many foreigners).  This man came up as we were taking a photo and my Mom thought he was offering to take a picture for us so that we could all be in it.  We told him 'yes' and he was so excited and then ran over to pose with us while his friend too a picture.  Bailey was actually offered 10 Yuan if someone could take his picture a few days ago.  Addy was tired of walking this afternoon so Anya happily got out of the stroller that our guide got for us and pushed her around the square.  She is one strong little girl!!


  1. Hi everybody. Just wanted to let you know that I have been keeping up with your posts and that Anya is now officially part of your family. Scott and Addy I hope you are feeling better. All our best and we'll see you when you get back! Love Dawn, Todd, Kaitlyn, Graham and Shadow. P.S. It is snowing here! booooo

  2. Hi! Glad to hear you have celebrity status over there! Very cool to see you guys having so much fun. How's the food? Have you gone to one of those restaurants with the little "zoo" out front? I've heard those are pretty cool. Enjoy every minute of this fabulous trip!
    ciao for now

  3. Hey there gang! Finally got caught up on your wonderful journey and thrilled to hear how well everyone is doing - Anya is adorable! No wonder her siblings are so in love :)
    Sending you all hugs and kisses - can't wait to meet Anya in the future.
    All the best -
    MJ, Tim, Lauren and Eric