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Sunday, April 5, 2009

shopping at last!!!!!!!!!

My mom and dad have said throughout the whole trip we can shop in Beijing.  Today we went with our guide Lily and our Auntie Dawn from Philip Hayden Foundation(PHF) to a huge outdoor shopping market called the dirt market.   There was everything to buy from fake jade to antique rice grinders.  We shopped until lunch and bought a couple of things including some chopsticks for the PHF store.  Addy and Carter bought really cool stamps with their zodiac carved in the top and your chinese name in the bottom.  It is a rectangular prism and it is made out of soapstone.  They are testing them out right now.   We enjoyed a Peking duck lunch and right after Kayla and Dad went home because Kayla was not feeling too well.  Our family and Dawn shopped until 4:00.   I stayed with my grandma and helped her out as I was really good at bargaining.  I bought a jade tiger and a set of paintbrushs.  My sister Addy thought she won the lottery because she was allowed to buy about 5 things...even though they didn't cost very much altogether.  Finally we can shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Tonight my Dad is sick with a fever but hopefully it won't go around to anyone else.  I can't wait until we go to the Great Wall on Tuesday.  We are going to meet my friends Nate and Zack from PH and Auntie Dawn as well which should be cool.                Bailey

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