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Monday, April 6, 2009

Hot and sunny at Tiananmen Square

We seem to be dropping quickly here as Scott is still not well (although his fever is down) and Kayla's fever peaked again last night.  Decided to start them both on antibiotics that we brought just in case...no point waiting it out as the week is flying by.  This morning Anya had her medical appointment at the international medical clinic which is required in order for her immigration into Canada.  She did amazing and the doctor was so pleased with her development and that she has some words (especially considering she still has another cleft to be repaired and a small hole that still needs closing in her palate).  We are so lucky she was with an amazing family who obviously took such great care of her.  That they did... and we are thankful for that each and every day.  Things could have been very different if she had spent the last 2 years in orphanage care as opposed to with a loving and dedicated family.  Because of the secure and strong attachment bonds it is evident that she has already formed, she will be able to form those bonds again in our family. 
Scott and Kayla stayed back to rest and re-cooperate while the rest of us went for a long walk over to Tiananmen Square.  We decided not to venture through the Forbidden City this trip and it sure was a hot and sunny day.  Unfortunately I gave away my suntan lotion along the way at some orphanage I think as I did not think we would need it.  Beijing had been quite cool (the day we left Philip Hayden it was suppose to snow) until just this week when we arrived so we were pleasantly surprised.  Throughout this whole trip we have had fabulous weather (so much for the rainy spring season).  The only rain we had was at night (and then one early part of a morning in Shanghai).  Today we even saw bright blue sky here in Beijing which is surprising as 4 years ago it appeared that the pollution was much worse.  Since the Olympics they have cleaned things up so much and continue to work on ways to reduce the pollution (there is one day each week that every driver cannot drive their car on the road).  We took the subway back this afternoon as the kids were just done from all of the walking, which was yet another experience.  But with the help of our hotel card (Please Drive Me Back to...) we were able to make our way back eventually.  

This afternoon we went swimming and sported those great bathing caps again.  It is amazing our heads can actually squeeze into that rubber.  No pictures as blackmail as I was actually in the water today.  Anya was so happy that we swam together and the kids had a blast.  The people who came to swim laps (which is what most people do) weren't as happy.  

We are looking forward to going to the Great Wall tomorrow but unfortunately if Scott and Kayla are not better they may stay back.  Thank goodness my Mom is with us now as we can divide up a couple of kids...expecially when Scott is out of commission.  

Addy and Carter are so thrilled to get the e-mail messages from their classmates and updates on what is happening.  Although they say they want to stay in China...I think they are also missing their home routine (especially flush toilets with seats and drinking water from the tap) and friends at school.  Addy went off to sleep with a message from her class and it is still hard for her to believe that they are just starting the day at school while she is drifting off to sleep.  

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  1. I hope Scott and Kayla are getting well soon! I understand the feeling that you are sick but you are not at home! I hope they won't miss the Great Wall trip. I will take Melissa and Alec there the next trip to China. (Believe or not, I have never been there. But I will be there one day :) I want to say hello to everybody in the family including grandmom (and welcome Anya). It is an amazing journey!

    Jun and family