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Friday, April 3, 2009

Back in the Song Dynasty (1000 years ago)

Today we went to Millennium Park which is a large park with shows that take you back to the time of the Song Dynasty.  The big highlight for the kids (and disturbing) was a man who ate fire.  He drank gasoline and then put the fire in his mouth and blew flames out of it.  Then we had to go over and talk to him...like find out how he is still alive.  The kids went on a cart that had a money riding on it and the girls thought that was pretty neat.  We had a swim at the pool today which was a little more short lived today for Anya as she didn't think the temperature was that great today.  Tomorrow we leave for Beijing where we spend our last week in China.  The final countdown to going home is on.

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  1. Dear Carter your sister is so cute! well how are you doing. I'm doing great and are you doing scool in China. well i got to go from: Ainsley