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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Fabulous Day at the Great Wall

The good news is that although Scott and Kayla missed an outstanding day at the Great Wall today, they seem to have turned a corner and are ready for some more fun tomorrow visiting the Hutongs.  This morning we drove a couple of hours to a different location of the wall than we visited when we were here 4 years ago.  This area has a cable car (like a ski chair life) which we went up and then after climbing further up the wall, we then went down the mountain on a slide.  It was just so much fun.  I was a little nervous about going down a mountain with Anya in front of me but she ended up loving it (actually I think she was kind of paralyzed with fear until she saw Addy and Nana on the slide in front of us and then yelled out for them).  We spent this beautiful day (sunny and around 25 degrees...sorry everyone, I hear it is snowing at home...can't wait to enjoy that) with friends from Philip Hayden and had a really nice lunch with a view of the wall.  All I can say is I am TIRED after carrying Anya up the wall with sandals on (yah, not too bright...but I had the kids well prepared).  We received news that one of our boys that we sponsor (little baby Sam) at Philip Hayden has gone back into hospital with respiratory problems so please keep him in your prayers.   

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