"Growing in Cuteness and Love"

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter hunt back at Philip Hayden

I wanted to post some photos of the Easter hunt that the children had back at Philip Hayden where we stayed at 2 weeks ago.  Although we are on our way home tomorrow, those precious children remain in the hearts of all of us in our family.  Three of the little ones are waiting for their families who will travel to get them before the summer.  Many more are waiting and hoping for the same...and in the meantime are living in this loving and beautiful home...Philip Hayden.  Our little Anya did not officially live at Philip Hayden, although that is where she was registered.  She was fortunate to have lived with a family who fostered her for close to 2 years and made her one of their own.  It is so apparent how loved and cared for she was as her transition to our family so far has been unbelievably smooth.  Although we can say thank you to that family, there really is no way to ever show enough appreciation to someone who cared for and loved your daughter as they did. 


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