"Growing in Cuteness and Love"

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Is she asleep or awake???


  1. Hi Wood Family,
    You look like you are all having an amazing time. We can't wait to meet Anya. Hillary & Naomi say a prayer for all of you each night (we added Nana Carolyn to the list last Wednesday!).
    Naomi wanted to let you know that her Gotcha Day celebration is tomorrow (April 3rd) and to do something in China to celebrate with her! Can't wait to see you all home.....
    Love the Monastero's

  2. Speaking of special days...
    One of Carter's classmates celebrates her family day today and shared her excitement with everyone. I think because of this special moment in time that Carter is experiencing, the class was able to relate to how truly amazing, special and significant a family day is.

    Thank you for sharing your special experiences with us,

    Wendy Zicari

  3. Carter was happy to hear that you also celebrated a Family Day with one of your classmates who he has talked about in the past. It truly is a special day. It brought a few tears to Scott and my eyes as well. Take care. Lisa

  4. Miranda and family,
    You have special days all lumped together in the next few days. Happy Family Day (Gotcha Day) and birthdays to both of you. Looking forward to celebrating when we get back. Love Lisa and family