"Growing in Cuteness and Love"

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Found a couple of pics that Bailey took this evening.


  1. To the Woods:
    Welcome to Anya! We are looking forward to meeting you when you come home. It looks like you are all having lots of fun together.

    From Connor:
    Hi Carter. It looks like you're having a great time. In school we are doing procedural writing presentations. It's when you tell steps of how to do something. Each person has a partner to do a presentation with. When you get back I will be your partner. I have started doing the work for us about hockey.

    I hope you're having an awesome time.


  2. I haven't met her yet, but Anya seems to like pink and fancy things in her hair - a real girly girl. She will be a mystery to Amber, but Kelly can relate.