"Growing in Cuteness and Love"

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Always a good story!!!

Today everyone woke up a little grumpy and Kayla had a fever in the night.  I hung around with all of the kids except for Addy who went out galavanting with Daddy and Nana.  They came back with some interesting squatty potty stories which we won't repeat and an academy award winner of another escalator incident.  Addy came back sporting a new pair of pink pants (which she actually quite needed as she has been wearing the same 2 pairs for the last month).  Apparently she was getting off of the elevator and her pants got caught so Scott and Nana had to pull her out.  They were ripped and covered in grease so they bought her a new pair.  My first question was whether Addy was really upset and they said she wasn't.  I am sure she is just wondering what will happen next.  We got Anya's Chinese passport today so are all set with her paperwork in this province.  More to do once we arrive in Beijing in a couple more days.  Anya was a little more up and down today.  She had some tears and a couple of small tantrums when she didn't get what she wanted (another box of raisins) which is good to see as it is more like real life.  She is such a character and tonight I stayed back again with Kayla and Anya and they ran the halls and had a lot of fun.  She is fun just to watch as she always has something new up her sleeve.  At one point she wrapped herself in her blanket and propped herself up in bed pretending she was sleeping like a queen.  The boys came home from dinner with stories about the restaurant where no one spoke any english.  We are used to that here in this province but apparently Scott resorted to acting our the various animals along with their noises (i.e. cow, pig) to get what he wanted.  I saw his imitation of the fish which is kind of worrisome if you ask me.

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