"Growing in Cuteness and Love"

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It just keeps getting better!!!

It is so amazing as we get to know our little girl more and more.  She is so sweet (she will go over and pat someone who is feeling sad) yet a determined little money (she kept pushing Addy off her bed because she wanted to be the only one jumping on that one...she wanted Addy to jump on her own bed).  She is cautious (when someone is in the hall that she does not know she will run back in the room to me and say 'Mama') yet also very daring (jumping in the swimming pool today).  One of the highlights of the day was at dinner in the hotel restaurant when I took Anya out of her seat as she was done (full and tired) and she proceeded to take off her shoes and pants (down to her diaper) and started to do her dance.  I suggested that she would have to put them back on but that as soon as we were done dinner we would go back up to the room and she could run in her diaper.  She was back to that room in a flash and stripped down to her diaper in about 5 seconds flat...and then the dancing and jumping on the bed began.  Another very cute incident was when I tucked her in and told her to close her eyes and that I was going to the bathroom to get my PJs on and would be back in a minute.  In under 10 seconds she was out of bed and went over to the girls who were sleeping in the next bed and started patting their heads (to help them settle down to sleep).  We are seeing more and more of her little personality coming out.  She is insisting that only I do things for her sometimes (she will tell the kids off if they try).  All of the kids are just crazy about her.  Kayla and Addy think she is a doll and at this point give her everything she wants.  The boys don't think its fair that Anya never gets to sleep in their room and that the girls hang out with her more.  Must be nice to be fought over.  

We had a great trip to a local school which was really neat for the kids to see.  Very orderly and well behaved children.  Bailey announced that this is what kind of school I would have if I was a principal (I don't think that was a compliment).  We weren't allowed to take pictures which just about killed me but the best part was at recess when a large group of boys and girls were jumping rope (about 15 jumping in at a time) and Scott decided he would have a go and jump in with them.  Then our guide and Scott did some jumping of their own.  Where was my camera when I needed it???

The kids had a great time swimming in the pool this afternoon.  Everyone looked very cute in their bathing caps and Anya is going to love the water this summer.  She was a blast to watch.  Tomorrow is a trip to a museum.  Scott and I were talking about how fast this trip is going.  We are very sad that in about 1 1/2 weeks we will be leaving this amazing country but we do know that it will be good to get Anya settled into life that does not centre around a hotel and meals at a restaurant.  After all..."There is no place like home!" 

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  1. (from Lorna K) Lisa & family, thought it would interest you to know that the ohip problem has been resolved in your absence so you will not have any doctors issues when Anya comes home...(see below)

    "Hello Everyone,

    I apologize for the mass email but I wanted to make sure to get this information out quickly to everyone who emailed Minister Caplan about the issue with OHIP coverage and international adoption.

    I am pleased to say that changes made to Regulation 552 are effective as of today - April 1, 2009. The regulation impacts internationally adopted children for both their eligibility for OHIP coverage and their eligibility for an exemption to the 3-month waiting period. These children will now be eligible for OHIP coverage while they are in the process of applying for Canadian citizenship. Once adopted, they will be eligible for OHIP coverage as soon as they arrive in Ontario with their parents - without a three month waiting period.

    If anyone is currently caught in a three-month waiting period, I encourage you to contact ServiceOntario. Adopted children can be considered exempt from the remainder of the waiting period if they are considered OHIP-eligible under the new regulation. Our office has been assured that all ServiceOntario staff have received training in the regulation changes prior to today so this should be a seamless transition.

    Additionally the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care website will be updated with new fact sheets and questions and answers for the public pertaining to the Regulation 552 changes. This information may be found at http://www.health.gov.on.ca. For further information you can contact INFOline at 1 800 268-1154 or visit your local ServiceOntario – Health Card Services office for more information regarding the changes.

    On behalf of Minister Caplan I want to thank everyone for bringing this issue to our attention. It was through your contact with this office that we were able to move quickly to correct the problem. I know that this was an unnecessary and stressful situation for many of you and I truly thank you for your patience while we corrected the regulation.