"Growing in Cuteness and Love"

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our day in Guangzhou...now that was a day to remember...or not!!

I will sum up yesterday briefly.  We were suppose to leave Hong Kong and take a train to Guangzhou and take a flight directly to Guilin but knew before leaving that our flight would be later on that evening and we would have a guide to take us around for the day.  We arrived and were maneuvering ourselves down the escalator with 4 children, 6 large pieces of luggage and 6 carry ons.  Let's just say we all got down safely but that the luggage made it to the bottom on its own (it was like a domino affect with the girls standing about an inch from each suitcase...and the girls were unscathed by some miracle...we have had a few miracles here so far).  Bailey wishes we had captured the event to send into American's Funniest Home Vidoes...not very funny at the time.  When we arrived at the station we couldn't find our guide anywhere (it turns out she was waiting at a different entrance...oops!) but spent an hour on the phone trying to call various places in China to find out what to do stranded in a strange city.  Once we were all settled we did a few sight seeing things (Memorial Hall, garden, and park) and then proceeded to go to the airport with exhausted children.  Our luggage was overweight AGAIN (so we were charged per pound over).  By the end of the late night flight we had 3 sleeping children that we could not move or carry and our luggage to contend with.  At that point Carter started throwing up (from exhaustion...and the fact that he was just getting over his flu) which kind of reminded me of Mexico.  When we finally got into our rooms at midnight Bailey was pulling Addy asleep on a luggage cart, Carter was on another cart with a bag (a ziplock Linda) and Kayla was wound up because I had carried her around sleeping for the last 3 hours.  I can safely say that I think our sleep clocks are almost on China time.  Hopefully the late flight tomorrow night will be a greater success and we have learned some new strategies for escalators (they really should have elevators!!!).  I will post some pictures and updates from our outstanding day in Guilin when we get back from dinner (Bailey is starving!!) Lisa


  1. I hope Carter is feeling better. I'm saying a prayer for your family. I'd love to hear the kids account of the luggage incident. Hilarious I'm sure!


  2. Thanks. It really was traumatic as Bailey said, "Look, I don't have to hold it." and I yelled..."Grab it!" knowing that as soon as the step caught it would go. He tried to grab it as it went flying down the steps (it was a double sized escalator) and all I could do from the top was watch it go down while Kayla and Addy both stood on the right side with their luggage beside them. The large case knocked Kayla's down and then on to Addy's as is missed the girls by a cm. So all 3 pieces came down and then Kayla started screaming. Bailey was crying because he was so upset and when you talk about it Kayla still gets upset. It was very scary and dumb of us. Thank God everyone is safe as we would have had a trip to emergency I am sure. The funny thing is I was wondering how people are suppose to get down with luggage and there was no elevator. We should have slowed down and reevaluated instead of going with the rush (which is a huge rush of lines and people...it reminds me of the line up to see Mao that just amazed me) Take care! Time for bed!

  3. Just catching up on the updates, good to know you're thinking of me when you're so far away, bet you wish you had more hands around. Love to all of you.