"Growing in Cuteness and Love"

Monday, March 16, 2009

Thanks for the donations!

We are very excited to pack up the donations for the orphanage and deliver them in a couple of days.  We were able to buy some things that they are in need of (especially for the younger babies).  The money that we received to help in purchasing these items will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you to those who knitted blankets for the babies (they are still shrink wrapped in the amazing vacuum bags), bought the baby clothes which are perfect as they are just the size they are needing, and who purchased baby dolls which the kids will love.  We have the photos and letters from our growing girls (including the Family Day 2007 book) and gifts that some of you have sent along ready to give to the staff when we meet them on Wednesday morning.  We are very excited as this was the long awaited visit to the orphanage which we were not able to make back when we received our babies.  We will leave in the morning and it will take about 4 hours to get there.  We hope to visit a local school in the afternoon and then to settle into our hotel in anticipation of our visit the following day.  Our guide has visited the orphanage a number of times (he actually works for the Hunan CCAA department) which is great and he is confident we will be able to visit the babies and take pictures.  He doesn't think the children have moved into the newer building as of yet but will find out when we get there.  Thanks again for everyone's generosity.   


  1. Hi Lisa, Scott, and Gang

    Just catching up on all of your adventures. Kelly and Amber will LOVE!! the panda pictures. Can't wait to hear about your trip to the Chenzhou SWI.

    Thinking about you each and every day...

    Barbara, Chris, Kelly, and Amber

  2. You are doing such an amazing thing by bringing all these gifts to the SWI! I noticed Sophie's pics are there. I am so looking forward in seeing your pictures of the SWI and what you have to write about it.


  3. Hi Lisa, Scott and family...

    We love reading about your journey, looking forward to when you meet Anya.

    We had Smiley as our local guide when we adopted Madison in 2005, please say hi from the Bellevue family ( Sally was also with us) You should get Smiley to sing.....he also has a beautiful wedding album he shared with our group...

    take care


  4. Hi everybody! Happy St. Patrick's Day! It sounds like you've had lots of fun! It's fun to read about what your days are like. We really like the pictures (especially the frogs at WalMart).

    Kate would like to know "How warm is it there? (It is going to be 14 degrees here today!) We're going to hunt for a leprechaun!"

    Connor wrote: "It seems like you're having a great time in China. It's interesting to read about your trip."

    We're keeping you in our thoughts and love reading about your adventure - thanks for keeping us all posted.

    The Hall Family