"Growing in Cuteness and Love"

Friday, March 27, 2009

So many miracles

It is hard to tell about all of the miracles that take place in this place.  My Mom arrived safely last night and the kids were jumping out of their skin with excitement to see her.  She also brought chocolate and treats so Scott and I were also so excited.  She whipped up some pancakes this morning here in the kitchen and we ate and ate and ate.  We went to see some more babies and children this morning...some of whom are very sick with serious heart defects and other life threatening illnesses.  Hard to really take it all in.  So many children as well who have minor and correctable medical issues like our Anya who we pray will find families.  We went out to lunch with Pam and Tim Baker who were the founders of Philip Hayden and Shepherd's Field.  There are so many amazing people that have committed much of their lives to making a difference for the children of China.  A place to come and serve and just be with children who are in need of love and affection and a forever family.  There are so many volunteers who are always welcome in this amazing place to serve in many ways.  We have one more day here until we pack up and leave the following morning to fly to Henan Province where we will receive Anya on Monday morning.  We can hardly wait!  I think the pictures of the children tell the story of God's work in this place!

After a storm a young girl walked along a beach littered with starfish.  One by one she threw them back in.  An older man approached saying, "There are thousands of starfish.  You'll never make a difference."  She bent down, threw it in and said to the man, "Made a difference to that one!"  ADOPTION IS STARFISH BUSINESS!

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