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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The toothpick pickers

One of the kids (and Scott's) favourite things about China is that they put toothpicks on the table for each meal for picking your teeth after...and people actually use them for that.  So they pick away much to my disbelief (and Bailey holds the rice and noodle bowl to his mouth and just slurps away).  When I try to tell them to stop and that they are being rude they tell me that this is how people do it in China.  What can I say?  Bailey wanted me to post this picture of the toothpick pickers.  

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  1. Ok Lisa, but let me help you out here. You CAN use a toothpick but you must cover your mouth with your other hand when you are picking... ha ha Sorry, Bailey's right about drinking from the bowl... and the slurping! Can't help you there!