"Growing in Cuteness and Love"

Monday, March 23, 2009

Travel Highlights of our Trip so Far (from the whole family)

-the excitement of the windows breaking
-Kayla enjoying her visit at Chenzhou
-double shower heads in Changsha
-walking in to the first pit of the terra-cotta warriors
-having people do everything for you
-farm visit(village) in Guilin
-watching farmers fish for minnows on a bridge
-watching a chicken walk down the road
-seeing my nannies that took care of me (Kayla)
-seeing the TV tower in Shanghai (3rd tallest communications tower in the world)
-having a race on the rickshaws on the Xian's city wall
-watching the fireworks at the end of the water show
-going on the boat with Sarah Christmas (the kids thought this was great)
-talking to the guides about life in China
-holding a baby panda bear
-seeing a red panda for the first time (and the one with no ears that lost them in a fight)
-drinking pop at every meal
-seeing the babies at the orphanage
-finding a toilet with a seat and that has toilet paper
-getting over the jetleg and having our first full night sleep
-Carter the Master Dumpling Dude trying 22 different kinds of dumplings
-giving Yuan to some homeless people who live on the street
-getting a load of laundry washed, folded, and ironed and Mommy not having to do it
-beautiful weather for 3 whole weeks in China (Wow...have we been lucky)

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  1. I totally get the "pop at every meal' comment. Amber had coke at every meal on our vacation and Kelly had Shirley Temples.