"Growing in Cuteness and Love"

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Getting ready for Anya

The crib is set up and the girls and I moved some more age appropriate toys for Anya up to the girls' bedroom.  The craft and office station where Kayla and Addy like to do their thing has moved downstairs.  Back to a little baby proofing.  Started to pack the suitcases with the donations in it tonight...OUCH!  I have packed and repacked and can't seem to make the 15 extra pounds go away.  There is always bringing more luggage I guess.  On another note...tonight we had to have our first of two drinks of an anti diarrhea drink (the second dose we have right before we go away).  I have been pondering how to get this into our easily gagging children (who don't even like taking Tylenol) but they did okay.  Scott has decided he is not ready to take his dose tonight after watching me gag mine down (don't worry, the kids didn't see that).  Now that we are under the two week mark time is going to fly.  We will leave home as a family of 6 and come back as 7!!!  We talked today about where everyone will sit at the table.  The girls want to be on either side of Anya.  I suggested that perhaps I should be beside her to help her but Addy insists she is going to do that.  Lots of great helpers who will smoother our new little girl with love and attention!! 

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  1. Anya's room looks so bright & cheerful!

    I'm sure the girls will be great helpers and that Anya will be smothered with love & attention!

    Can't wait to read all about your journey. The next 2 weeks are gonna FLY!