"Growing in Cuteness and Love"

Friday, February 6, 2009

A big surprise!!

What a fun and exciting day it was today.  I arrived to pick up my friend Elaine as we were going out for lunch and when I knocked on the door to tell her I was there many of my tennis friends were there as they had organized a party to celebrate Anya's arrival into our family.  Kayla was a little confused after I prepped her for a restaurant meal and she ended up having lunch, a beautiful cake and opening presents instead.  Thank you to all of my tennis buds for such a special afternoon and for following our journey to our new daughter Anya.  The kids had a blast going through the clothes and books and Kayla is quite excited as she will fit into some of Anya's beautiful sweaters.  Anya will be the best dressed little girl around!  Thanks again.!!

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